Midwest Winter Weather

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you’re hanging in there with his cold weather.  I was listening to some people talking this
morning and they were talking about how the cold should kill all the bugs.  I wish that was true but they’ll be back, and
not only the bugs we see in the summer on leaves, but the bacteria and viruses
that are in and on our bodies all the time. 
We hear from the experts about us catching this disease or that disease
but the question is why doesn’t everyone catch the disease?  It’s not a question of the bug but a question
of the body’s immune system and how strong it is, or isn’t.  Mainstream medicine does not talk much about
the immune system because if they did, then you would know that there’s
something you can do to help yourself, but if it’s just a happenstance that you
come across this or that bug, then you think there’s nothing you can do to help
stay away from sickness, other than wearing a mask or social distancing, which
of course, doesn’t work.  There are many
great ways to strengthen your immune system. 
We do it all the time here at Natural Health and are ready and willing
to help you and yours.

                One of
the best ways to help your immune system is to be able to handle the stress in
your life and environment.  Your body
must be able to metabolize energy correctly for the mechanisms of the body to
be able to handle its environment.  This
month in our health shops, we’re talking about weight loss and health.  This week we’re talking about metabolism and
how it affects the body, not only with strengthening the immune system and
having energy, but if the body is stressed, it’s hard to lose weight.  With our Nutrition Response Testing technique,
we can find the imbalances in the hormone systems of the body and get
metabolism working correctly again.  The
experts like to blame obesity as the cause of disease but it is actually the result
of the body being out of balance and unable to metabolize correctly.  This is what lends towards disease processes
and weight is actually just another symptom. 
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article than sending along this week goes right along with this in that it’s an
expose type of article on how the drug companies work to keep us sick so they
can make more money.  This has been going
on for decades, but people are slow to accept that fact because it’s so much
easier to just eat junk food and not pay attention to health and take
medication that insurance pays for, rather than actually taking responsibility
for your health and doing actions that help the health process.  I talk to patients a lot about all the
holidays that we go through that tend to keep the eating sugary junk foods,
which moves us into a bad habit of doing this. and we forget about all the good
foods that we should be eating almost exclusively.  Our society is just built up this way and you
must become aware of it to do something about it.  Sort of like an alcoholic must accept the
fact that he is an alcoholic before he can go forward with treatment.  Our society needs to realize that we are
sugarholics before we can decide not to buy this stuff and be healthy so that
life is easier and the quality of life extends to the end.  Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well-Dr.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well