Miracle Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Miracle Anti-Wrinkle
            The key ingredient in this product,
are stem cells extracted from Eryngium Maritinium (EM), a marine plant. Thanks
to a scientific breakthrough in 2010 when scientists at the Plant Cell
Institute finally succeeded in developing a process that would extract plant
stem cells without damaging them, we are now starting to see the benefits of their
            Marine plants are categorized as
“extremeophiles”, as they are able to survive and adapt to extreme, unstable
environments. They are able to change, repair and provide protection from
similar conditions that our skin faces every day. Specifically, EM is a plant
that is able to protect itself against sun radiation, dehydration and
            Clinically, stem cell extracts from
this plant have been observed to be effective in addressing aging disorders of
the skin, especially superficial wrinkles and rough and dry skin. In my
opinion, this is true nutrition directly for the skin.
            Aging disorders of the skin are a
common occurrence that affects everyone due to factors which affect the quality
of our air, water and food. While the skin also reflects the condition of our
internal organs, and a good skin repair program always includes improving the
nutritional status and functioning of our vital internal organs, skin repair
and rejuvenation can be greatly enhanced through the use of “nutrition for the
skin” as can be derived using the stem cells of certain plants.
            This product has been tested on many
individuals and further comment can be found on www.skincare.com and from the
magazine The Derm Review, who proclaimed it one of the best skincare products
of 2019. And, as far as we have heard, there is not been one instance of an
adverse reaction, irritation or any negative effect from this cream.
            This skincare cream is an
inexpensive, super high quality alternative to the high-end (and often toxic)
commercial skincare products many of our patients are using today. This is a
much better alternative. We look forward to hearing about your results.
Get it here for only $97.00.  Natural Health, 2000 Jefferson, Quincy, IL, 217-228-2040.  
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Dr. Mark