Moving Forward

Hello again Natural Health Family. I imagine you all had a great weekend. Last month was about women’s health; we are transitioning to other aspects of health. Although we talk about different topics we can also be clear on staying true to the same purpose: allowing the body to heal. When we can support our bodies well and align ourselves to health rather than sickness, we can express a more vibrant and healthy state of being. 

When you think of sickness what do you think of? Do you think of “catching the cold”? Do you think about those feelings of nausea, maybe having a temp, or having to go to the bathroom more often? Or perhaps you think about the statistics of illness in the country. Did you know according to the CDC website 6/10 have one chronic illness and 4/10 have two or more? Those are old numbers, so trends may be higher. What if we were going about sickness in a way that is not optimal for health and well-being? One way of looking at it is that there are diseases that we catch from the environment and that as we get older we get these issues. However, that’s not the only way to view it. What if our bodies are meant to adapt and overcome environmental factors? What if diseases were actually from our body being at a dis-ease or lack of ease and the conditions are symptoms the body is showing us that need to be aided? This may be a small or big leap in understanding based on where you are, but if you are reading this, then I would assume that it isn’t too big of a step. 

Regarding our health, sometimes it is not so much about adding more but unlearning certain information that may have been helpful before but no longer serves us later. At times it may work but instead of fighting with the illness or issues that come about, we can aim to become healthier by supporting and allowing our bodies to become healthy. In a world where sickness is common, let’s be different and come back to normal: health. Have a great week!

– Dr. Chip