Natural Health and Autoimmune Disease

Natural Health and
Autoimmune Disease
            At Natural Health, we’re always
looking for the cause of a disease process. Autoimmune disease seems to be a
mystery in the medical world and the treatment for it are drugs that suppress
the immune system and drugs that reduce inflammation. These may be good
treatments for pain relief, but they do nothing for the cause of the problem.
And actually taking these drugs makes the problem worse as the body is never
able to heal itself plus their side effects.
            The underlying cause of autoimmune
disease is a chronic degeneration of whatever organ or system is being
affected. The dead tissue from this organ or system gets into the lymphatic
system and the body starts to develop antibodies to fight what it thinks is an
invasion of foreign protein, somewhat like the cause of food allergies with
leaky gut syndrome. Once these antibodies have been formed, they start
attacking the tissue of the person’s own organ or system. Unless this organ or
system can heal itself, the antibodies produced by their own body continue on
the attack and cause the degeneration known as autoimmune disease. The goal,
then, should be to get the body to fix the organ or system and reduce the
inflammation and immune response caused by the degeneration of that organ or
            At Natural Health, we use Standard
Process whole food supplements. SP has some great products known as
Protomorphagens or PMG’s (new speak is micro RNA). These PMG’s act as decoys in
this autoimmune hyper response and let the organ or system that we are
targeting with the specific nutrition, to heal. This allows the body to down
regulate the immune system response thereby reducing inflammation and stopping
the autoimmune “disease”. The body is very touchy about having these wayward proteins
circulating around the body as they are blueprints and can start tissue growing
in the wrong place. For instance, you wouldn’t want breast tissue growing in
the leg. This is how the autoimmune response gets started but then seems to get
out of control because the person keeps damaging the organ or system somehow,
usually bad diet or lifestyle, and it never heals. The PMG’s, and other
products we use, allow the body to heal itself, as it should, and normal
natural health is restored. No need for harmful drugs and further deterioration
of these organs or systems.