Natural Health is a “Safe Haven” for Health Truth

Natural Health is a
“Safe Haven” for Health Truth
            What we mean by “safe haven” is that
our patients and our patient’s families are welcome to ask us about any
question related to health and we will find the true answer for them. Many
folks are hesitant to talk about health issues with their usual MD because they
know of the blowback they will get when discussing natural health issues.
Mainstream medicine has its own philosophy on treating patients and much of
their information comes from research done by drug companies and drug salesman
that, of course, are biased and perhaps not in your best interest. We
understand the need for these companies to make money but we don’t agree with the
misinformation that causes patients harm to their health and possibly fatal
            At Natural Health, we are interested
in giving our patients truthful information on how to gain and maintain true
health so that they can enjoy life and have energy and not suffer through
disease processes. Our patients, friends, and family members are always welcome
to ask about topics that they have an interest in, to help them on their quest
to be truly healthy. There is a lot of information out there on nutrition and
diet, some of which is true but much of it is marketing. Another aspect to keep
in mind is that everybody is very individual in their needs for nutrition and
can only work with certain diets well. Even different stages of life will
determine nutritional needs and dietary recommendations. We talk a lot about
this during our patient education workshops and help to explain to our
listeners the difference between myths and truths in the nutritional and
dietary information world. We have these patient education workshops 3 times a
month and would love to see you there. These workshops give us the time to talk
to the patient’s as long as they need without worrying about the confines of
daily patient scheduling.
            So if you have any questions about
health matters, questions about products you may have heard about, news
articles that seem to be revealing or contradicts something you have believed
in or known about for years, or just want to talk about ways of helping your
friends and family to get healthier, please let us know and we would be happy
to help. Send questions to or give us a call at 217-228-2040.  You can also attend any of our Free Education Workshops every 1st Monday and 3rd Tuesday of every month at the office.  Just call for times and topics — 217-228-2040
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, Live Well!”