Natural Laws

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. The New Year is moving right along. Hope everyone is making the changes they want or perhaps starting to do new activities that they have been wanting to do for a while now. Many times we know what to do to change our ways. However, sometimes we don’t have the understanding that is needed to make the change efficient and long lasting. Let’s discuss some ideas that people may have misinformation about. 

When it comes to our health, food and what we put into our bodies can play an important factor. Many times people think they are doing all the correct things based on what they have been told. We can easily see that although with some of the greatest technology in the world, the United States falls near last compared to other countries when we measure our health standings. You may question why there is so much sickness in the US (or the world for that matter) even though we have greater technological advances than ever before. The questioning may lead you to reason that perhaps we are being told the wrong information either purposefully or not. Nevertheless, we can see that we are able to make adjustments learning different information. 

Many people don’t realize that there are natural laws at play in the world. Much like gravity. You know that if you hold an object up with your hand in the air and let the object go that it will fall to the ground. This is a natural law. We can compare this to the foods that we eat. The human body is amazing but if we continually feed it dead devitalized food then it won’t be able to work as optimally. 

Let’s consider our understanding of sugar and fat. We have been told that fat is bad for our health. However, our ancestors have been eating fat from various sources like meats, butter, and good oils for thousands of years. The amount of sugar people eat nowadays is exponentially higher than what we have been accustomed to years before. Now neither sugar or fat is bad but we must consider the amount we eat and what our body can handle. If we listen to our bodies we can feel that what we eat may be affecting our mood and energy levels. This helps us see what we can tolerate and what we can’t. 

As always, when in doubt eat whole foods found in nature. Nature has a good way of restoring our health back to normal. Always remember that the food you eat is fuel for your life. Also, be glad and grateful when you eat any food, many are less fortunate.

Thanks for reading and continue the New Year strong. 

Dr. Chip