“New” Discoveries

 Hi Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good weekend, maybe getting outside enjoying some sunshine. October is moving fast and we are plunging more into the fall season. Fall is a time of change. Of course as we go through life we will encounter changes and many experience changes in their health. Nonetheless, the way back to health is the same.  

Have you ever contemplated the amazing capabilities of the human body? Our bodies carry out trillions of functions per second helping to restore and maintain the health of our bodies. Science is showing us many new so-called discoveries that illustrate the wisdom of other cultures has been right all along. It is showing that our bodies function much like an electrical unit or machine. Now this may seem out there, however when you think about it you can start to realize how it works. Take for instance when you walk along carpet and then you touch a metal door knob. The body is conducting the static from the ground to the hand. Or perhaps a more subtle form of energy as if you were entering a room after a heated debate. You can still feel the tension. This shows us a little about the new discoveries that science is making. 

  There are fundamentals to our health and well being. Much of our body is made up of water. That’s why it is good to drink good fluids. It is also important to eat good foods that help to replenish and or cleanse our bodies. Other factors such as moving our bodies, getting good sunshine, balancing work and play, having leisure time, enjoying family and friends, etc. are all good too. It’s good to have these things in life and to also know that stress is inevitable. However, stress can also be seen as the same resistance that keeps us stuck on the mountain or is able to help us make the climb. It’s our ability to adapt to stress that is also a contributing factor to our health. 

Health doesn’t have to be this fleeting attribute that we have no control over. It doesn’t have to go away with age, it doesn’t have to be something that some families have and others don’t. Our bodies are the most sophisticated “technology” in the world. Science may not know everything as of now but new discoveries help us open up to what is truly possible. When we understand the way back to health and allow ourselves that possibility then we can ultimately move in the correct direction.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip