No Worries

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. I imagined everyone got to enjoy themselves by either having fun with others or working on projects for future activities. Many times when we get overwhelmed by what we have to do or everything that needs to get done we tend to become worried. Today let’s talk about how we can acknowledge worry and start to direct ourselves towards a better way of thinking. 

I think we can all agree that everyone may worry a little every now and then. Worry is an indicator that we are thinking about something that might happen poorly in the future based on what we have been through in the past. Imagine if you will if or when you had to give a speech in front of the class during school. The days and moments leading up to it you may have stressed out thinking about the many ways it could go wrong or how others would think of you based on your delivery of the speech. Some may worry about what grade they will get or how many um’s or uh’s they will say or even if they will get any words out at all. All in all it is not until they start doing it does the worry and/or fear start to diminish. We can see that when we actually do the activity that we don’t have the time to keep thinking about what will happen and just experience what is happening now. It was the very thinking about the task that was causing the worry to be experienced.

Worry can cause us to start thinking and feeling negatively about the future. This is due to our minds reasoning what could possibly happen based upon what we have experienced in the past. However, if we think back we start to understand that many things tend to work out in the end even if we did fail to do what we wanted at the time. Excessive worry can cause our brains and bodies to become unbalanced lending towards having certain health issues. Therefore, when we start to worry we can take time to take a breath and direct our thinking towards more of a hopeful future by remembering where we are at today despite all of the shortcomings that have happened before. 

It appears that there are many things in life that we may worry about from home life to national life to what this planet is going through. However, many things are outside of our control and we can realize that what we can’t control would be nonsense to worry about. We can do our best with what we know and offer help to others when appropriate. Remember, worrying doesn’t solve the problem so we can choose to take a breath and do whatever it is we can control and let life fill in the rest.  

Dr. Chip