Hello Natural Health Family! I talked about quantum physics and how thoughts are a very important part of our health and well being. Today I wanted to talk about a topic “Non-interference,”how it relates to our health and also how quantum physics plays an important part. 

 “Non-Interference” comes from a book that I am reading which is called Rays of the Dawn by Dr. Fleet. This topic of the book simply means minding your own business. The importance of minding your own business in many cases relates very well to the principle of quantum physics called the observer effect. The observer effect states where you place your attention is where you place your energy. If we consciously or subconsciously (below our awareness) place our energy on things outside of us, we have less energy for our health. This means that not only being physically engaged in other people’s matters can drain our energy but even thinking about other people’s matters or problems can be detrimental to our health. Interfering in the wrong ways with other issues can negatively impact our health and well being. Therefore, we must be aware of our thinking of those things and eliminate them. If we conditionally get involved with other’s issues we become conditioned to get involved which further drains our energy. 

Not interfering in other people’s issues might at first be difficult to do because it can be addicting when talking about others or gossiping about other people’s problems. This is because we as a society have been conditioned to do so and always know what other people are doing. Have you ever been scrolling through your phone and/or been on the computer looking at social media such as facebook for long periods of time then feel more tired than before? 

As humans we are naturally drawn towards wanting to be around others. We want to embrace other’s company and share our common interests. However, when we pour too much of our time and energy into what other people are doing and/or what other people are thinking then we fall victim to sickness and dis-ease. 
It is important to stay up to date on important matters but when we over indulge or continually think of things that deplete our energy we create possibilities for dis-ease. Again, where you place your attention is where you place your energy. When your energy is up your body is able to function properly. It’s easier to help others when you have enough energy for yourself. Keep your energy high and have a great week!