Not Against But For

 Hello Natural Health Family. This weekend I was reminded of something that I think is simple but we may often forget about. Today let’s talk again about the importance of not being against something but always being for something. 

This past weekend I was able to spend time with family. We talked about all sorts of topics. However, I saw or realized something interesting with people when talking about certain things. When topics came up that people agreed upon then the conversation went well. Of course the opposite would tend to happen when a topic came up that people didn’t agree upon. Those topics came up rarely because it seemed like nobody wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. Then I thought why do some people get upset about one thing and others don’t mind. When we get upset we rarely know exactly why we do until sometime after when we can look back upon it. When we react to a person or situation it is because something inside of us is getting irritated and coming up to the surface so to speak. So if we have strong opinions about certain topics or subjects and can’t see another person’s perspective then we are fighting the opposing opinion. When we fight against and argue with another person’s opinion, we ultimately are giving it more energy to grow. We must be able to analyze all the perspectives and information that is presented and make our own conclusion allowing us to not react but respond. When we close our minds to new ideas we can’t grow and learn. So becoming irritated or aggravated with another person in conversation means that we can’t see it the way they are seeing it. This leads to being against rather than for something. 

We all come from different upbringings and have acquired different information throughout the years. Even two siblings raised in the same household can have different opinions. So why would we think to judge someone else about their opinions not knowing where they have been and what they have been through. That of course doesn’t mean that we should dismiss or ignore an offense done by someone else. However, it means that we should not so much fight someone as to lead them to a better course of direction. A difference of opinions has brought much turmoil to family, communities, and nations. Until we decide to operate in a different way will we find more peace with others.

Every conversation should be to find harmony and connection with the other rather than to fight for our opinion if it is against others. Every person can’t see one thing the same way so we must practice patience when analyzing someone else’s point of view. When will we learn that fighting fire with fire always brings about some form of destruction. Let us not fight against the negative aspects of life which fuels the fires but strive to look for the good in everyone and further progress the betterment of all.

Dr. Chip