Nutrition and Positive Thinking


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            What a beautiful weekend! It cooled
off just enough to make it very enjoyable outside but still warm enough to not
need coats and things like that. It’s great to have things green yet too but we
could use some rain as the grass is getting a little brown and it’s very dusty.
I hope that you were able to get out and enjoy it and maybe even talk to some
friends. I think that people are starting to get over all this stuff,
especially hiding in your house all the time-ha.

            Tonight for our health shop we are
doing a different event. We had planned to do a Dinner with the Docs event
where patients come and have supper with us but since all this virus business,
we decided to just post the 3 of us going over recipes and explaining how they
work. As the kids are headed back to school, we’re getting lots of requests for
recipes for snacks and healthy foods that can be taken in lunches. This virus
business has really woken people up to the need for good nutrition and good
positive thinking and the need for true health. Many people are questioning
vaccines now too, because even though the purpose is noble, the outcome may not
turn out that way. I see more and more people taking control of their health
and asking more questions on how they can feel better and getting off of medications.
As more and more information comes out, we will incorporate this into our
health shops and try to explain what it all means. I saw a great little video
on Facebook this morning explaining how facemasks will probably be the cause of
the 2nd wave as they lower a person’s immune system due to
re-breathing your own exhaled gases and making you fearful which suppresses
your immune system. Very interesting stuff!

            At Natural Health, were using our
three-pronged approach to getting people healthy and keeping them that way so
they don’t have to worry about bugs. This gets us into a debate on the germ
theory versus the host theory. The host theory is that if the person is healthy
the bugs won’t bother, rather than thinking a bug will come up and grab you and
there is nothing you can do about it. The host theory makes much more sense but
makes the drug and antibiotic manufacturers less money so guess what’s been
promoted for decades? Don’t forget that we’re here to help with any health
problems, just give us a call. 

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Patient Testimony: Before coming to Natural Health, I was miserable and
looking for hope. Natural Health gave me that hope. I was having hormonal
troubles, struggling with my weight, and achy joints. I am 45 and these
symptoms developed over the last year. I felt out of control with my body. 

I feel more in control of my body. Through change of diet and proper
supplements, I feel my hormones are coming more into balance. I have more
energy and no longer depend on caffeine or energy drinks to get me through the
day. I feel full of hope on my journey for optimal health and feel comforted
that Natural Health is there to guide me through this. -G.B”

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well