Nutrition vs Medications

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend is much as we did. We had a graduation party on
Saturday and a couple’s wedding shower on Sunday, so was a great weekend to
talk with friends and relatives and enjoy the nice weather. We found out, with
a little tenderness, that we had too much sun so started using some coconut oil
on that to help the skin heal and get that tan going so we’re ready for the
rest of the nice weather coming up. I was glad to see the temperatures get a
little cooler than the 90° stuff we had last week. Plus, we really enjoy
looking at all the green grass and green tree leaves and seeing all of the
crops planted that are coming up- everything growing and full of life. There is
lots of palm in the air too, and some folks are having some problems with that
so don’t forget that we have great products to help your lymphatic system clean
this out of the body so that you have no symptoms. It’s unhealthy to use
over-the-counter medications to suppress symptoms when the body has the ability
to heal itself if you just work with it.

week during our health shop, we will be talking about Anxiety and Depression.
These emotions or conditions are actually fairly easy to help the body overcome
because they normally are a lack of B vitamins. Using heavy medication to cover
the symptom up does nothing to help with the underlying cause and then, of
course, the condition persists and the patient becomes reliant on the
medication. As usual here at Natural Health, we find the underlying cause of
the problem and help the body to heal itself as it has done for thousands and
thousands of years. I really get a kick out of getting people off of dangerous
medications and helping them feel and function normally with good energy and
the ability to enjoy life. If there’s anyone out there we can help or that you
know, please let them know that we are available to help get them back to a
healthy condition.

article that I’m sending along looks at an investigation into how eggs are
produced and some great information is forthcoming. People have been suckered
into buying things for as long as there has been people selling things – its a
buyer beware market. When it comes to food, which is the fuel for your body’s
ability to heal itself, it’s important to really know what’s in the food you’re
buying and how it was produced. It’s easy for the body to absorb carbohydrates
but it takes more digestive ability to handle proteins and fats, vitamins and
minerals, and all the phytochemicals that come with good vegetables. At Natural
Health, we specialize in getting the body’s digestive system to work correctly
and help the body to be able to absorb the nutrients it needs to repair itself.
Only the body has the ability to heal itself so let’s support that system
rather than cover up symptoms with medications or even worse, have surgeries to
remove organs and body parts. The creator did a heck of a job making our bodies
and all we have to do is get past the barriers that we put in it, and feed it
the correct fuel and we can get back to a healthy and happy body, which is the
vessel for a happy and healthy soul. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark