Open up to a new way of seeing life

 2024 has already been quite the start with the weather and everything else that goes on. Many times we tend to have thoughts about how life should work or that we assume that it always has to go a certain way. However, I want you to take this opportunity with me now to open up to a new way of seeing life. You see, sometimes life can seem messy, chaotic, and out of sorts. Nonetheless, we can choose how we can respond to such events and circumstances. 

Has there ever been a time when life seemed to fall apart and you were losing all control? At the time it probably felt overwhelming, you might have felt like it was impossible to be able to get out of the current situation. You almost felt trapped like there was nothing you could do. This is because our brain can be hardwired for survival and when these events happen it triggers different aspects that can release chemicals in the body that make us gear our nervous system to sense threat or danger. I assure you that many people have had an experience like this once, twice, or many times in their lives. Of course, this is okay. These events can bring out many emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Now at this point, we can either try to resist everything going on or we can rather choose to tell a different story. We can come back to the present, breathe, and help regulate ourselves. All these things that we feel are okay because life can bring us many different things, it’s what makes life…life. Now with that said, when these things happen we can either see them as an insurmountable obstacle or we can embrace them as a transition for new potentials and new possibilities for growth. This can be in any area of your life such as business, health, relationships, etc. These events and the way we choose to see them can help give us the courage to take on new adventures and explore new territory in life. 

Our ability to adapt to life is key to our health and well-being. We all know that life will have its different seasons, a rhythm so to speak. These changes can be opportunities for us to slow down, take on the challenge, connect more with ourselves and others, and allow life to unfold. Everyone can see things in life very differently and we have the power as individuals to be able to choose a different story to tell. Has there ever been a time when life seemed to fall… into place?  

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip