Hello Natural Health Family. Happy Day After Superbowl Day! We are off to another week and it is getting cold and snowy out there. With the cold and snow the roads are getting a little more slick. This is when it is important not to rush to where you are going and take your time. Another way to say it is being more patient. And that is what we will talk about today, Patience. 

Patience can mean many things to many people. Sometimes we think of patience as simply waiting for something in our lives. However, patience can be used in many different areas of life. When we intend to achieve something in our lives we must exercise patience. Many great people before us who achieved great feats failed many times before. They didn’t know when, but knew that whatever they wanted to achieve was possible. Patience is also important when we talk about our relationship with others. Many people talk about patience being a virtue but then don’t practice it in their own lives. Patience is a practice that when used over and over creates endurance. Just like a runner who needs endurance to reach the finish line, endurance of patience helps us keep our energy which allows us to be able to do what we need to do during the day and helps our body to regain and/or maintain a healthy state. 

What is a good indicator that we are not patient with something or someone? You guessed it, anger and it’s lesser forms of frustration and/or irritation. This emotion can cause our bodies to function improperly leading to other illnesses. When we feel irritated or frustrated, that is a sign or signal to practice patience. At this time we can view our irritation from an unbiased angle which helps us see why we may become irritated in the first place. We may see that it wasn’t necessarily the person or situation at the time that caused our anger, but the many irritations and frustrations that built up to it. When we become aware of our reactions then we can choose to break that cycle of anger before it multiplies. 

Now anger may be justified at times but never as a destructive force to hurt or injure another person. It also is not healthy to suppress anger but to observe and feel it. When we understand it, that is when we are starting to help release it. Has there been an event in your life that it was more helpful to be angry? Perhaps, but most of the time, any problem or situation can be solved better when we are patient with not only others but ourselves. Imagine if everyone practiced patience most of the time, what a world it would be. Thanks for reading.