Perfection In Imperfection

 Hello to all of the Natural Health Family. We are going through some interesting times and it can feel as though there are many ups and downs. However, through challenges and obstacles we continue to grow as individuals. Let’s talk about how our own views of ourselves and the world can either harm or help us.

It has not snowed much yet, but just like all snowflakes are unique and no two are the same in appearance or expression, we too are all different. People not only have different appearances but everyone has their own opinions, ideas, and views of how the world works and who we are supposed to be. This is brought up through different upbringings through family, society, economy, etc. We can obviously see that no two people are alike. Although we may be made of the same components, (the nutrients, proteins, atoms, electrons that make up our bodies), we all have a unique expression. 

Through news, social media, certain groups, fashion, entertainment, etc. we tend to hold ourselves to a certain standard. Of course it is good to improve ourselves in different areas in life where we feel the need to. However, holding ourselves to a certain standard can cause us to view ourselves negatively if we don’t achieve that standard all the time. We tend to only see the great highlights of people and events through the media. We forget the so called mistakes, blemishes, flaws, failures that others have, had or go through to reach a certain status. It is good to reach for an ideal of ourselves but also not to condemn ourselves and rather to be kind to ourselves when things don’t go the way we want, when we are not where we want to be, or have flaws that we think are not good enough.

Life can be quite the experience having highs and lows, good times and bad times, peace and chaos, and so on. It is this contrast and different expressions that allows us to experience all life has to offer. Imagine if everything was the same and no differences, it wouldn’t be very entertaining. Remember that you are unique and that everyone goes through their own struggles. The idea of being perfect is different for everyone. So when in doubt, take a breath and be yourself. When you do you allow others to do the same.

Have a great week.   

Dr. Chip