Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone was able to have some fun over the weekend or get some jobs done that might have been put off for a while. This past weekend I was able to make it to a high school class reunion. I got to of course see many people I haven’t seen in a long while and catch up with others. It was good to have a different perspective and see how some things changed and some things have not changed. Let’s talk about our perspective and why it can be important in our lives.

If you watch TV, news, social media, how do you see it? Many of us watch certain channels or are on specific social media platforms because we are accustomed to them. I would estimate that many of the older generation watch news on certain tv channels while a majority of the younger generation get their news information from social media. Whatever way you stay in the know with all that is going on in the world it is important to see it through a lens which doesn’t impact our health so much. If we have the perspective that “everything we watch on tv is the truth” then the world can seem like a very scary frightening place where we have no power to fend for ourselves. If we see it as “everyone is out to get us” we might feel obligated to become angry at a certain broadcaster or media outlet and defend our own stance on the subject at hand. Now by no means is this supposed to be a political stand or to defend news channels but more of helping us be aware of our own health and well being. In this day and age with floods of information coming at us, it is important to not accept all that is being said and rather be able to think and interpret what is being said so that we can choose to take a stand on whatever information we feel is correct based on understanding rather than blind trust.

Staying up to date can help us be informed to make certain decisions for future dates. Just like watching the news when we interact with others we can choose to have certain perspectives on how we interact. In high school we tend to build a lens of how we see others based on what was happening at the time. We have/had different things that we did want and didn’t want. We started to really figure out what we were good at and what we were not so good at. We realized what people we wanted to hang out with and what people we didn’t. The activities that we got involved in such as sports, band, academics, etc. influenced who we spent our time with. This colored our lens more and we started to have common views of how we saw others. However, growing up we start to realize that everybody was going through the same issues and/or going through more than we thought. We start to see that our struggles and problems are not things that separate us but actually help us see that we all have similar challenges to meet and conquer. When we see that everyone is different but also the same in many aspects we tend not to be critical of whatever happened in the past. This can help us move on from the little things in life and enjoy company with others. 

Our perspective is important in all areas of life. When we change our view of life we start to experience it differently. When we see ourselves as having control of our health rather than being victim to it we start to take steps to regain it. When we start feeling better we are better able to enjoy more things in life. This can help us not be so focused on ourselves but rather move attention on the good that is around us.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip