Happy New Year Natural Health Family! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and still celebrating if need be. I know we may have eaten some tasty foods, we may have indulged in different things, but most importantly we got to enjoy company with the ones we love. These times always remind us of the many things that we can appreciate. Especially in these times, changing our focus from seeing all the flaws to seeing the good in everything than we are changing our perspective on life. This allows us to see things that we previously were blind to which creates more joy in our lives. Let’s talk about why changing our perspective, even if it is something small, can create better health for ourselves and our families. 

Perspective. What does it mean? The definition of perspective is “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.” Many people look or see various circumstances or events differently. Why? Because we all come from different backgrounds, upbringings, and have experienced different life events that have created a lens that we look through. And to take it a step further. Even when siblings are raised in the same family and exposed to the same environment, they still have different opinions and viewpoints on various topics. So when we can perceive that others may have vastly different viewpoints, then we can be better at not judging or criticizing so quickly. Rather, we can analyze what other people are saying with an unbiased view. This allows us not to get irritated or frustrated about what the other person is saying. Many conflicts including ones with family, friends, and enemies come from reacting to something another person has done or said. Now some acts or deeds from others must be justified. However, many disputes can be resolved by acknowledging that both parties see it at different angles and that both parties work towards seeing common ground. 

Now as a health standpoint, changing our perspective can be very beneficial for our health in many ways. As in the examples above, when we look through an unbiased lens and don’t react to a situation, we don’t give away so much of our energy. We allow ourselves to resolve the situation and move on. When we are able to do that we don’t continually think about that event which would further drain our energy. Changing perspective can also help us see things that occurred in our lives through a different lens. Many events that have occurred in our lives may have seemed at the time like the world is falling apart, but then hindsight shows that that was exactly what needed to happen for us to learn an important lesson. Small changes in perspective can bring great change to your health and life. 

As we move into the 2021 year we will experience many new events. With many new experiences we have a choice of how we are going to perceive them. We could see them as bad, good, or as events that happen the way they are supposed to. However, we choose to look at them, we can if we want to see them as opportunities for learning and growing. This allows us to have a better overall outlook on life. May 2021 be a great year for everyone and a year of great beginnings.

Happy New Year!  

-Dr. Chip