Preparing Your Health for Winter

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                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend. It was a nice fall weekend and we got some more
rain. I celebrated my 65th birthday and it’s hard to believe that
those many years have went by. As old as I am, I get a kick out of people
talking about a bad winter or a good winter or how the weather has gotten
generally worse are generally better, hotter or colder. I’ve been around long
enough to see all types of weather and weather patterns and it’s different
every year. I’ve seen temperatures as high as 107 and three or 4 feet of snow
during the winter. It’s all different and not a political agenda-ha.

month during our health shops, we are starting a new topic Getting Ready for
Winter. This week we’ll talk about fall allergies and we have dealt with a lot
of those symptoms over the last couple months. Hopefully harvest is about over
so the combines will stop spewing out dust and pollen from the crops, and we’ve
got a little more rain to clean the dust and pollen from the air. We will talk
about how to help keep the sinuses from being irritated in the winter, which
causes drainage, which people may think are allergies but may just be a chronic
cold or sinus irritation on an ongoing basis.

article that I’m sending along looks at the need for vitamin B12 to help with
depression. I find that most people that have any type of emotional issues are
deficient in B vitamins in general. B vitamins are water-soluble so the body
cannot store those for very long and the consumption of refined sugar burns
these vitamins up so there’s nothing left for the brain to use. We have many
good nutritional supplements that we use for brain health and B vitamin
supplementation. These supplements are not only good for brain health but for
the rest of the body as well. An example is our Cataplex G product, which helps
the body to be able to calm down for sleep purposes. Again, using a medication that
drugs the body to sleep is not healthy, it may help with the symptom but
actually makes the underlined condition worse. Natural food supplements are the
way to go, especially if your diet is lacking and you’re eating a lot of on the
go or processed foods. The processing removes a lot of the good nutrition, that
is why these foods last longer on the shelves. Most of the time when eating
processed foods, you’re just absorbing the carbohydrates which can give you
energy and make you feel full, but are not really helping with repair of the
body and with normal body functions. We also do a lot of work here at Natural
Health, on digestion and absorption which is just as important as consuming the
good foods. 

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