Quantum Physics

Hello Natural Health Family.  Today I wanted to talk about something that you might have heard of but is starting to make more of a presence in our world. The topic of this post will be about quantum physics and how it relates to our health and well being. 

    For us to talk about Quantum physics we must first talk about newtonian physics. Newtonian physics is what we have been taught most of our lives. It involves the objects that we can see in our lives such as cars, buildings, tables, chairs, etc.. Newtonian physics explains how many of these larger objects move in the space around us. (Force = Mass x Acceleration) is one principle of newtonian physics. The equation explains in order to move an object through space requires a force. 

    Quantum physics is more focused on the energy and space around the physical objects. It is based more on the smallest particles in this world which include things smaller than atoms such as electrons that we can’t see.  We tend to think of everything moving just like physical objects in the world. However, the little particles we can’t perceive with our 5 senses move in many different ways and function in ways unlike physical objects. 

    So how does quantum physics have any impact on our health? An atom is 1% particles (physical) and 99% electrons (energy). When we view our bodies, we are made of many many many atoms. So you could say that we are more energy than physical matter. This is why it is important to think of things in an energy sense when thinking of our health. To keep it simple, there are things that we can’t sense with our 5 senses that affect our health. One example of something that we can’t see but may affect our health is our thoughts. If you think that our thoughts could make us sick, then don’t you think that our thoughts could make us healthy? I wanted to keep this simple and give you a very brief understanding of how quantum physics is helping us understand other influences in regards to our health. 

    Of course there is much more to talk about so I may keep expressing this topic in the future. This was a small post to open up your awareness to the power of thoughts and to be aware of them. I wish everyone a great week and to keep your energy up.