Rabbit Holes

 Hello Everyone and Natural Health Nation –

     It seems like we’ve lost our nice weather and are getting a little taste of winter time. The temperatures at night are pretty cold. I think we’ll notice the trees now lose their leaves really quickly. It’s too bad the temperatures have to change so drastically but that’s life in the Midwest and we have to adapt to that. It’s another reason that we do what we do here at Natural Health, keeping people healthy and their immune system working well so it can handle changes in weather without causing symptoms. I still hope that we have a nice long Indian summer because many times it’s pretty nice around Thanksgiving and even almost until Christmas, but we’ll find out I guess.

     The article that I’m sending along this  week looks at how a vaccine manufacturer is controlling the narrative and controlling the safety studies and controlling the politicians that set policy and are more concerned about profits than health. We’ve seen this now for decades and hopefully many people are starting to look at the Rabbit hole that we have been down and lost the ability to look at natural health and even natural immunity now. Many people are so brainwashed into the mainstream medicines narrative and many people have jobs just to pay for the insurance to be able to have Medical Care. This country spends more on medical care than any other country but we have some of the worst outcomes. For example, half the population is diabetic or pre-diabetic, more than half is overweight, we have problems with heart disease and cancer, and this is not Health. I’m even beginning to see medical doctors on some of my alternate news outlets that are waking up to this issue as well. I really can’t believe that this is the only country that doesn’t acknowledge natural immunity and only wants to rely on the Jab. it’s incredibly crazy.

     At Natural Health, we are here to help our patients be actually healthy and not just be on tons of medications. No, insurance doesn’t pay for all of our work but they don’t control our work either. We work on  true health and actual results.

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