Rain… Finally!

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend and we finally got some rain. I was so thankful to get some
rain and clear the air out some. We have a gravel road nearby and the dust was
incredible. Thankfully that’s all settled down and hopefully will get rains
coming more often. The rain also helped to clear the air of a lot of the fall
flower and weed pollen and that should help folks with sinus issues. But this
morning is pretty cold so were headed into that type of weather soon and will
be thinking about supplementing for immune system support over the winter. I
don’t even like saying that word-ha.

forget about our health shops that we have on Monday evening. They are live at
6:15 on Instagram and Facebook and then we will post them to Brighteon.com and
YouTube. This month were talking about top health related issues and this week
were talking about Diabetes. We get many patients that come into our office
with this problem and it’s fairly easy to get rid of if the patient is
compliant. Most of these major degenerative diseases are diet related and can
easily be reversed if the patients know what to eat that helps them, and stay
away from “foods” that are harmful to their health. It’s also important to
supplement the correct nutrition to help heal the organ as well and stay away
from the bad foods that cause the problem in the first place. It’s unfortunate
that mainstream medicine wants nothing to do with preventing or even healing a
degenerative organ, just treating the condition of medication.

                The article
that I’ve included looks at the use of broccoli supplements to increase
cognitive function. All these studies are great and they just help to reinforce
the idea that good foods help people have good health. The point we try to make
here at Natural Health is that we don’t need all these studies to understand
that good foods are the fuel that our bodies are supposed to have, not the
processed junk that manufacturers love to sell us that are high in white sugar,
or something like that, white salt, and bad oils. We also work towards helping our
patients digest correctly so that when they do eat good foods, they can absorb
them. All this information basically is common sense, if you just take the time
to think about what fuel our bodies are supposed to run on. Yes, I realize that
processed and junk foods taste good but that has the side effect of causing all
these degenerative diseases-like diabetes.

                We do
have available free consultations for those that have many questions and
perhaps do not understand what we do here at Natural Health. The muscle testing
we do with our Nutrition Response Testing technique is not voodoo or magic, but
just using the body’s energy systems to ask the body what it needs
nutritionally, using reflex points, like in acupuncture. It’s pretty amazing
stuff and the patient can feel the changes in the arm strength as we ask the
body what it needs nutritionally. 

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