Rainy Weather and Sinuses

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     Well, we’re getting caught up in our moisture for the year. Even the gardens will have had enough moisture now to get  the produce grown and ripened. Even the melons will have enough water to grow and the  grass is back to green and growing. I’m sure we’ll have some dry times here in late summer and fall but for now we’re in good shape. I think it’s much better to have too much rain rather than too little but we’ve had enough for sure. Hopefully your basement is dry and the mold that usually comes with this much moisture, is not bothering you. We have lots of products here at the office to help with sinus congestion, which basically means the liver is a little overloaded. We are here to help you not be drippy.


  I’m including an article that looks at the suppression of a viral drug. I know that we cannot prescribe medication here at Natural Health but the point is that there are so many ways of helping the body be well without  an experimental gene therapy Jab. The people really need to know that these things are available if they do get into problems and have been time-tested for years, even decades. There is so much going on behind the scenes with this covid business and hopefully it will all come out and show the Bad actors that have been destroying the health of Americans for decades. Even some of the medical doctors are seeing that their treatments have not been helpful in the long-term. We have known this for years in the Chiropractic and Alternative Healthcare field and that the American health-care system is excellent in trauma and acute cases but with actual health, the stats show that Americans have more degenerative disease than any other because our Healthcare System is  focused on disease management and not prevention. I truly think that if this country could focus honestly on health, we would be the healthiest country in the world, but unfortunately the opposite is true. We’re seeing this show up with  this virus business and how many Americans immune systems were deficient and the older ones passed. At Natural Health, we want to show our patients that they can strengthen their immune system and be healthy throughout their whole life. We have the products to strengthen the body and the know-how to help them avoid the “hand-grenades” in the diet. After almost 40 years in practice, we know how to help you and yours be truly healthy.

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