Ready For Fall?

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

and I were in Denver Colorado for a seminar this weekend and it sounds like,
and looks like, you got some rain over the weekend in this area. I think our
rain gauge at the house had 2 inches in it, so that’s great because we were
really needing it. I noticed the air seems a lot cleaner and that the pollen
has been flushed out. I hope that it greens up some before winter gets here but
it’s the end of the growing season so we’ll see. It seems like when we came
back from the airport, things looked browner than I remembered when we left and
that the beans and corn seem to be turning rapidly. Even some of the trees are
starting to turn their leaves from green to yellow. I always like fall as a
season but don’t really like what comes afterwards. The joys of living in the

                Since I
was gone for the weekend, I missed the health shop this week. I’m really
looking forward to the health shop next week as were talking about idiopathic
reasons for death in this country. It is the third or fourth leading cause of
death, depending on what source you get it from, and it should be an
interesting health shop. We’re seeing a lot more of this after this virus
business and it will give me an opportunity to vent just a little. Truth in
health is so important for a good life and being able to enjoy our life while
were here on this earthly plane. Advertising and brainwashing should have no place
in our healthcare decisions, but finding information that actually works towards
being actually healthy. I think one of the good aspects of this virus business
is that it has shown many of the bad actors in healthcare and what happens when
you follow the money rather than finding the truth.

article that I’m sending along looks at the healthy aspects of pepper, whether
it’s black or white. The big point that I like to make from these types of
articles is that there are so many good herbs and spices available, to place in
our diet, that are health promoting. We always want to try to find an organic
source of these spices and herbs, but many of these foods have more nutrition
in them than the other foods they are seasoning. Many people don’t like hot
spicy food, but the heat in these spices have special minerals and phytochemicals
which are good for the body. Sometimes folks can’t find the best quality foods
but the spices that they use with the foods, carry good nutrients that help to
make up for this quality. At Natural Health, we are always promoting the use of
good herbs and spices along with trying to find the best sources of foods that
you can. It’s also important to realize that digestion and absorption of these
foods are just as important as the quality of the foods themselves. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark