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 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend! Everybody should be happy with this weekend as we had all
kinds of weather-hot weather, cool weather, nice breeze, a little rain here and
there-a really nice weekend for all. I got a little more sun to help my vitamin
D levels stay high and hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy some
sunshine too. We are getting many patients coming in who are somewhat
dehydrated so I’m harping on that quite a bit, to get lots of good water and
getting electrolytes-which is a fancy word for mineral or sea salt. We’re going
through a lot of our product called CAL-Amo, which is a calcium salt pill, and
helps with that feeling of being very worn out and with leg cramps or muscle
spasms. We know how to help you be healthy here at Natural Health.

health shop this week looks at the topic of Anxiety and Depression. This is our
last week in men’s health month but this topic includes both genders-and yes
there are only two. Many of these conditions that seem so prevalent in our
society, are fairly easy to get rid of if people only find out how to not cause
them every day. For instance, most mental issues have a degree of vitamin B
deficiency, but if people are eating bagels every morning for breakfast, which
is a refined carbohydrate, they are actually causing the problem that they are
complaining about. Taking medication to cover up the symptom is a Band-Aid and actually
makes the problem progressively worse. At Natural Health, we are all about finding
the underlying cause of the problem and helping the patient to heal themselves.

article that I’m sending along today looks at the health benefits of eating
Beets. Now I’m not a big fan of them either and we have products that basically
are beets in a pill (A-F Betafood), but if you like them, they are definitely a
healthy food to consume. The real point here is that there are many good foods
that we can get a hold of that help our health to increase but it’s important
to realize what they are and that digestion and the digestive system must be
working correctly. For example, many older people who have digestive systems
that are not working well, only consume processed foods because there easier to
digest. Of course, this lends them towards nutritional deficiencies which cause
symptoms and they take more medication and on and on. At Natural Health, we’re
here to get people off that merry-go-round and work towards actual real health. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark