Welcome back everyone at Natural Health! Over the past weekend I got the privilege of celebrating a friend’s wedding day and had a great time. It is still chiropractic month and wanted to keep the discussion directed in regards to chiropractic. It is great being adjusted and one aspect of living a healthy life is our ability to adjust ourselves to the many activities of life. 

Patience can take on many aspects and be used in various ways. It doesn’t always have to mean waiting for something in the future. It can also be practiced by being grateful for all we have now. We can even utilize it everyday by being observant with what life offers us rather than bemoaning certain conditions. It can be enjoying the process more and making peace with where we are now. Sometimes we are given more direction to do or not to do something which helps us to realize that what we wanted before may not be exactly in our best interest. It is a practice that when used can help others see that they have the power to use it also. At times we may be quick to judge or criticize someone but it is patience that helps us see where the person is coming from and perhaps why we judged in the first place. 

This is a reminder to remember that all of us are on our own paths, that we all have different perspectives and understandings of life. Although it may not be easy at times, being relaxed can allow life to unfold in great ways. It is also a key aspect of our own health and wellbeing. So be patient with yourself even with the times you may have forgotten to be patient.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip