Hi again Natural Health Family. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all those who served. This post will be short and to the point. Let’s talk about how seeing things differently can help us in our lives. 

When we think of Memorial Day we remember all those that gave their lives so that we could have our freedom. The many wars that have happened, all the conflict, all the chaos, we can see what many have gone through. Imagine what not only those who passed away due to wars but the families who continued on with all the loss. To all those living during those times, the amount of suffering must have been difficult to bear. Much of the turmoil would naturally cause many to be fearful, panicked, doubtful, sad, worrisome, frustrated, angry, and so on. Nevertheless, they still had the courage and faith to keep moving forward in life.

On a relative scale we can see that many of the issues and problems that we face today can be seen as not so great than what many had to overcome. This is not to downplay any issues people face today, rather inspiration to see what we are really capable of. Through the death of many of those before us let us be rebirthed in our way of seeing life. That although through the many of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles we may face that we may continue to keep moving forward in life. That we not focus on the problems and issues but rather see how amazing life can be once we shift our way of seeing it. So whether the battles are across the sea or even in our day to day lives, may we strive to resolve them and cherish the life we live. 

Dr. Chip