Hello again Natural Health Family. We are in that fun Midwest season where it can feel like it’s summer one day then winter the next. The changes in the weather help you to appreciate the other side especially as it will get warmer. We may not be able to control different things like the weather, but we do have the ability to control how we are able to respond to it. 

In today’s day and age we have the most information available to us than we have had in many years. This can be a great way to access information when we need to through our devices. We also want to maintain our own faculties to help us through life. When the internet was first coming out, newspaper headlines were saying that it would never take off. However, we now realize that everyone uses it somehow, whether it is for entertainment, business, or anything else needed to go through life. We are now in a digital age and it can be easy to give all our attention to it. Although it is not good or bad, it can influence us negatively if we over indulge in electronics, internet, etc. When we constantly give away our attention and energy, then we may not be able to regulate our own selves when it comes to other environmental influences. 

We may be able to look back in the past and see in certain situations that we were able to overcome fears that we may have had. Obviously there are times when fear can be advantageous, much like if you are near a cliff then your body wants to pull back so it doesn’t slip and fall over. This is more of a danger response which can help us in those times of distress. However, when fear is present with no immediate danger then that is when we can help regulate ourselves and see that it is not true and can be something that we can overcome. Just like a speech we would give, the fear doesn’t come from an immediate danger but it can be more related to feeling judged based on how we do. 

We all go through times where we may feel scared to do something. This can range from trying out a new sport, a new activity, or putting yourself out in front of many people. Whatever it is, it is best to be yourself. Enjoy the process of everything even when it is something new. Have a great week!

Dr. Chip