Responding vs Reacting

 Good day Natural Health Family. Easter is now behind us and spring weather is rolling in. This season brings change and new beginnings. This means that we need to be ready and better adapt to the new happenings and circumstances in our lives now. When we are better aware of how we are reacting or responding to our environment than we can better understand how that can affect our own health and well being. 

We have been told that we are victims of our health and have been conditioned to think that we always need something outside of us to make us healthy. Of course it is good to eat right, drink water, get fresh air and sunshine, and move our bodies to sustain good health. However, we forget the resilience of our own bodies when we have a balanced nervous system. Think of all the ads and media talking about the next great pill or medication to take so we can live healthy. Medications are great to prevent major illness or death, but they are not aiding the body in health. When you get a cut on your hand what heals the cut? Is it the Band-Aid, the ointment, or your body? We forget that healing comes when our nervous system and the rest of the body is balanced. 

Our nervous system is what we use to sense the environment around us. How we react and/or respond to the world around us is connected to the balance and health of our nervous systems. The nervous system is what enables us to adapt to changes in the environment. When we consider a new skill that is needed so that we can perform a task better it is our nervous system that learns so that we are better able to handle the skill needed. That is why you don’t go into a large body of water until you learn how to swim. 

Life will always have challenges and changes and when we understand that we are more able to adapt to those situations or circumstances by responding and reasoning out what is needed for a solution. Just like the ocean and its waves, life has its crests and troughs (ups and downs). The ocean or life can seem both overwhelming or calm depending on how we see it. Rather than fighting the sickness and disease that seem to be rampant in the world, let us rather seek health and wellness for brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Chip