Riding Into The Holidays

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a happy and healthy thanksgiving enjoying time with friends and family. As we keep heading into the holiday season we will continue to have the roller coaster ride that the holidays may bring. That is why it is important to have stability as the ride goes up and down. 

So you may ask how does one have stability. Just like when you are on a roller coaster, you decided to ride the ride. You knew before you got on that it was safe to get on. The seats came with straps so you were safe and secure. Then as the ride started to climb up and up and up you started to feel the tenseness. Because it is a new experience. Maybe because you have never ridden a roller coaster or never have been up that high. You forget about how you are firmly secured in the seat with the straps. Then the ride goes and just as the roller coaster starts rumbling down in full force your adrenaline kicks in telling you that this is not safe. Again, at that instant you forget that you are safely secured in the seat. Then as you start to go up then down then right then left the feeling goes from nervous and tense to fun and excitement. You feel more like you are enjoying the experience rather than trying to control the outcome. 

Sometimes life can have ups and downs and get to be more than we thought. As we prepare for the holidays we can have many different thoughts and feelings of how everything is supposed to go or all that we are supposed to do. However, when we really think about it, it comes and goes much quicker than we planned. Many say it was great but flew by. When we become aware that the holidays can bring all sorts of events including highs and lows, then we won’t be so apt to make such a big deal at something that in the grand scheme was a small disturbance. 

Of course the holidays are a time to remember the good, to connect with others, to enjoy our time, and be grateful. They can bring joy and help us to slow down in the midst of the hustle and bustle. When we are able to slow down more of the time, reflect and appreciate what we have we are doing ourselves some good for our health. If we don’t stop once in a while and enjoy what’s around we may not be able to see the joy that is right in front of us.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip