Seasonal Health Challenges and Dietary Misconceptions

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I hope that you enjoyed your weekend despite reverting back to an almost winter type weather.  We always seem to get a lot of wind when the weather is changing from winter to spring and I hope it gets done soon.  It sure is stirring up a lot of dust and mold that people are having problems with.  We’re doing a lot of work with detoxing and drainage to help folks get past the drippy nose and cough and sinus drainage.  We’re using a lot of Antronex and Allergco to help with that.  We are also starting to notice people having problems with colds and flu.  This is common this time of year because we’ve been inside for so long and our vitamin D levels are low.  We have two great products in Cataplex D and Cod Liver Oil that helps give the body vitamin D in a source that it can actually absorb and use.

Please don’t forget about our health shops that we record live on Monday evenings at 6:15.  We do these live on Facebook and Instagram and then put the recordings on and Youtube.  This month were talking about Diet and Digestion and this week we’ll be talking about Nervous Stomach and Gastric Reflux.  Most everyone that comes into our office has problems with digestion and food sensitivities, so we work very hard to get inflammation under control and allow the body to heal naturally so these problems are gone and the patient is not continually taking prescription or over the counter medication.  If you don’t get digestion working correctly, you will not absorb even your good foods and you’ll age a lot faster.  Many folks don’t realize it but our work here is actually anti-ageing after getting the body to RE heal itself and repair and replace tissues that aren’t working as they should.  We have to keep checking for barriers because sometimes this healing doesn’t work as well as it should and there’s a reason for that.  We find the barriers and the underlying causes of problems and get that handled so the body to continue to heal and repair, keeping the body young.

The article on sending along this week looks at the fact that canola oil is not the healthy oil it was cracked up to be, and can actually cause problems.  Most folks don’t realize how important good fats are in the diet and manufacturers have advertised everyone into believing that the seed oils are good for them even though they stay on the shelves for long periods of time.  It’s pretty much a rule that if something can stay on the shelf for a long period of time, it’s not good for you and may even be trouble making because of the preservatives or the way it was processed to be able to last that long on the shelf.  This brings us back to the conversation above in that these oils are practically un-digestible and mess up the digestive system.  The other side of the coin is that you are not getting good fats and oils and that is detrimental to health because of the oil soluable vitamins and a great energy source in fats.  Digestion is one of the big topics we look at here at Natural Health, because it’s so important to not only be able to digest and absorb your normal foods, but also digest and absorb the whole food supplements we use to help the body heal itself.  These building blocks must be absorbed through the gut so that they’re utilized correctly by the body and you get the goody out of them.  What you eat and how you digest, are very important to health, actually one of the most important aspects of health. 

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