Seed Oils & Cholesterol

 Hello Everyone In Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you all had a great weekend and got plenty of rest for this coming week.
It sure was a nice weekend with some decent temperatures and some nice breezes.
Even though it was hot, it wasn’t terrible and the breeze made it feel much
cooler. I’m so thankful that were getting some rain in the area so that the
grass is greening back up and is looking more like summer, rather than fall.
Mowing grass is kind of the pain but not that bad. I’d much rather mow grass than
scoop snow! Were still noticing some people having problems with their sinuses
and allergies, I think due to the summer pollen and still this silly smoke
stuff from Canada. Don’t forget to use Antronex and/or Allergco if you have
those already. These are two great products that help the liver drain the
lymphatics and keep the mucus from backing up into the sinuses. I think if we
get a little more rain, it should stop many of these allergy causing issues.

decided to go back to the Health Shops that we had during the covid debacle. It
seems that folks got used to staying home at night and this way we can get the
information out to everyone in an easy to do format, not only for us but for
you to get the information. We will be doing the HealthShops live on Facebook
and Instagram at 6:15 on Monday nights. Eventually, we will post them to Facebook
and This month were talking about Summer Fun and will have some
great nutritional tips to give out, and remind people about, that pertain to
enjoying the outdoors in the sun and even dealing with the indoor climate with
air conditioning. I will still make available the Patient Education Workshops
that we have at the office for those that would like to bring a group. We can
set this up on a different night to better accommodate everyone’s busy
schedule. I also plan to record the Patient Education Workshop and put it on
our website so patients can learn how and why Nutrition Response Testing works
so well, and why everyone needs to be checked to make sure that their body is
working correctly towards actual natural health.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the problems with seed oils.
This is something that I’ve learned more about in the last decade as we were
sure that refined flour and sugar were causing all the problems with health and
degenerative disease, but have learned that these seed oils are just as bad, if
not worse. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and medicine is still promoting
the use of seed oils in the diet to lower cholesterol. They never tell anyone
that the cholesterol in the body from food is only 5% of total cholesterol. The
liver makes the other 95% and statin drugs are sold to stop the liver from
producing cholesterol, which is a mistake in our book. It makes the mainstream
medicine folks lots of money though. This is not only true of the drug itself,
but there must be more drugs given to handle the side effects of this one. Our
bodies are made to use good old animal fats to build and repair itself, as our
grandparents, and all other humanity, have used. Butter is a great example of a
good fat, but when you put it on a cinnamon roll in the morning, it doesn’t
work very well. It’s not always the fat that is the problem, it’s what you put
it on and how you use it. We do a lot of dietary coaching here at Natural
Health, just to help keep patients out of trouble who are trying to be healthy. 

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Dr. Mark