Sick vs Health

 Good morning Natural Health! Or afternoon or evening! I hope everyone had a good weekend. The winter season is upon us. This means a time of many different activities, festivities, and occurrences. Many think that this is a time when sickness becomes more apparent around us. However, many times, people go through the winter not having any issues. So what is it that helps us to stay healthy throughout the season?

First off, I would like to point out that when we do get sick that it’s not a good or bad thing. There are different ways to see sickness. A way that may be less common is that when it appears that people get sick, it really means that the body is needing to clear, cleanse, or release something. This way of thinking about it gives us the understanding that our body is very intelligent and does what it needs to so that it can get back to harmony. When our bodies are very healthy we see that it adapts to the environment very well and we maintain our healthy state throughout the seasons.

Many factors could cause our body to need to cleanse, so we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what we are capable of. When our bodies get a certain way it can mean that we are causing resistance which is not allowing our body to function optimally. Sometimes it’s not a matter of doing more to be healthy but doing less. An example would be trying to workout 7 days per week and not allowing the body to rest leading to our bodies not being able to have the energy needed for its immune system. Typically, when a body is unbalanced then the body can have more of a tendency to get sick. However, when the body is balanced then it is in harmony and when it needs to clear something out it will in a healthy way. 

In today’s world we see so much more information about what causes us to get sick rather than what helps us to be healthy. You don’t have to try very hard. If you turn the tv on and browse any channel you may see pretty quickly an ad or commercial about the next wonder drug that helps with the following list of problems which also includes the following list of side effects. In the workforce and in the political arena there is still concern of C 19. The push for this shot or this pill makes us think so much of the virus or bug out there rather than realizing our potential for health. When we start to remember the wisdom of our ancestors about what health is and where it comes from then what appears to be common sickness will turn into minor exceptions. 

We are at a time where the health of our communities, states, and our nation seems to be at an all time low. A time where we have the best technology and resources but the worst rating in health. When the practices of what we do don’t show the results expected we start to question the narrative. Changing this narrative will not be up to changing our leaders but going to the place where the leaders get their power to make a difference, this comes from the people. We all have the ability to learn new information, especially in this day and age. With knowledge comes power and knowledge of our health leads to self empowerment. Have a great week! 

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip