Side Effects

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you all survived Memorial Day weekend! It was a great weekend with great
weather and hope you got some good sunshine but not too much. We did lots of
things outside and it was sure nice to be able to enjoy the green grass and the
trees looking so nice. We like to have our house open so we get fresh air and
we noticed that there was a lot of pollen that had come in, so there is a lot
of pollen and dust out there. We have great products at Natural Health to help
patients detox from all this dust and pollen and keep “allergy symptoms” at bay.
I’m also starting to warn patients about hydration and not only drinking the
water that they need every day, but getting the electrolytes, or good quality
salt, to help keep their bodies hydrated. There are so many conditions that
would be helped if people would just keep themselves hydrated correctly.

                We did
not have a health shop this week as it landed on Memorial Day, but will have
them next Monday and continue on. We are starting the health shops at 6: 15 now
live on Facebook and Instagram and will post it to and YouTube
eventually. As were heading into June, our topic will change to that of Men’s
Health throughout the month. These Healthshops will still have a lot of general
information about health as well as specifics on the topic we talk about. I
hope that you can tune in.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at finding out if you’re
overmedicated. In our world, anyone who is on medication is overmedicated. The
point here is that people that are taking medication for long periods of time,
are not addressing the underlying cause of the problem and that needs to be
addressed so you can get off of those chemicals in the medications. We see many
people here at Natural Health, that are on 5-10-15 different medications and usually
half of them are for side effect symptoms from some of the previous ones. It’s
a terrible cycle for these patients to get into and it’s very hard to get off
of all that medication, but we help many to do it, it just takes time. Even
something as simple as blood pressure medications, that if people do not
realize it, and they race into the doctor’s office and have the blood pressure
taken, it will normally be high because you’re not looking at a resting blood
pressure, and they just stay on medication or add more medication. We know that
one of the main side effects of long-term use of blood pressure medication is
congestive heart failure, because you’re not fixing the underlying cause of the
problem and actually making it worse. The major point here is that people need
to find out the underlying cause of health issues and not cover them up with
medication. We are here to help with that at Natural Health. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark