Slow It Down

Wake up Natural Health Family!

Imagine everyone had a blessed and great weekend. We are in exciting times, yes? Or these times are the worst and everything is falling apart? How do you see it? However you do, life will go on. It certainly is different from years past and continues to change at a fast rate. Our ability to adapt to this change can be an important factor in our health.

Do you remember when times seemed to be simpler? Or maybe we thought they were simpler? I say this because many life changes seem difficult at first, but then when we get more familiar with it, the change becomes simpler. Time before did seem slower. There wasn’t so much technology, so many “things” to do, so many messages, emails, or notifications. We have so many abilities to connect with others, but the connection with others is not as strong as it used to be. Our society has changed from telling stories to what’s on TV. From meals made from scratch to how fast can this meal be made. Perhaps it’s not that we have lost these strong connections, but our attention is being distracted in new ways. Our ability to be still, to admire nature, to get outside and breathe fresh air, to look at someone and give your undivided attention, has been (for loss of better words) “hijacked” by big corporations who want to hook people into the next big event, the next best product, etc. Of course, I am not saying to keep your head buried under sand or to not buy things that you like. I am saying that we can practice more about really connecting to people, to see them, to acknowledge them, and to be with them when we are with them.

In a fast-paced life, we can slow things down, to bring ourselves back to the moment. Life will always bring us things to do, but we have the power to take things as they come. Since we are all in this together, why not connect with others along the way, you may just make their day.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip