Small Steps

Hi Natural Health Family. How is everyone doing? The past weekend was great to get out and enjoy the weather. I decided to drive my motorcycle to Rockford, Il for a friend’s wedding last weekend which was around a 4-5 hour trip. Let’s just say I won’t be doing that again anytime soon haha. However, I did realize a couple things during the ride. An important aspect was to not just get to where you want to go but also to enjoy the journey getting to the destination. 

When we want to do something in life, have a goal of some sort, or try a new experience, we tend to think of what we will gain out of it once it is accomplished. This is great because it can help us grow in many ways. However, realizing that the destination is only as great as the journey to get there helps us slow down and appreciate the steps it takes. Many times when we want to do something new we stop ourselves due to fear of taking the first steps. The end result can seem so overwhelming that we don’t go forward at all. That is until we realize that each step along the way brings more clarity will we reach the destination. Vacation is a great example because we get to explore new territory or go to a place we like. But we forget that the vacation brings us a feeling, this could be joy, peace, excitement, etc. We don’t have to wait to get to the destination to experience the emotions when we make peace with where we are at now. So why be stressed about the journey when we can choose to make the most of it as we travel? 

When it comes to doing something new we might be faced with different fears and challenges that we have to make along the way. Usually this is based on information we have learned or picked up in the past. When we decide to embrace the process, learn new information, and celebrate the small wins, the destination becomes that much sweeter.

Enjoy your week everybody!

Dr. Chip