Something New

 Natural Health Family! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week and had a great weekend. This past Sunday was father’s day so happy father’s day to all the fathers out there. Being that it was father’s day I wanted to talk a little about our forefathers, specifically, how they chose to explore unknown territory and how it led to the birth of a new nation. 

Now with any exploration, they must have had to consider that they wouldn’t know how it was all going to happen. They may have thought about the possibility that they wouldn’t make a destination or what they feared came upon them. However, they instead kept their minds set on the possible future of what could be. They chose to hold true to the idea that whatever happens that they were going to stand firm and allow their sales to keep directing them onward. 

Many times in life we may be overwhelmed with what all is happening and what we all need to do at the time. This can be overly taxing on our brains which further leads to energy depletion of our bodies. When this happens we have a tendency to start having health related issues of all sorts. Keeping our sails set in the direction not on the problem but towards the solution can help us restore balance in our lives.  

When we consider the word play we may think of kids in the park, sports, entertainment, or animals outside. Everyone has an innate tendency to play or create something new. Many have been taught about all the different ways to live in the world to have a safe and sustainable life. However, we forget the other aspects of life that include fun, dance, art, enjoyment, creation, and play. This can come from spending time with others doing something new, creating a business, bettering ourselves with a skill, or just simply being a kid again. When we incorporate fun or play in our lives we help our brain and bodies to function in a new way which helps our health and wellbeing.  

From exploring new territory to doing something new such as play, we express our curious nature of wanting to do new things. Many times it seems scary or difficult to try something new but after we take the initial step we find it is great fun. I encourage you to try something new this week. It could be starting a project you have been wanting to do for a while or just giving a stranger a genuine compliment.

Have a great week.

-Dr. Chip