Spirit of The Holiday Season

 Welcome back Natural Health Family.
Thanksgiving has come and gone. It really seemed to go by fast. Now we are back
at it again heading more into the spirit of the holiday season. I hope people
got their fill on food but more valuable was able to connect with family and
friends. Are discussion for this month is prepare for winter. A key aspect to
preparing is also embracing. We all want everything to go perfectly but that
isn’t always the case. So, when we can embrace what may come knowing that it
can be a possibility then it is not so stressful if it comes.

    Whenever we prepare for anything, we
typically think of the worst-case scenario. It is theorized that our brain is
hardwired for this. Think about the times back in the day when winters might
not have been the most fun of times. Without the instant availability of heat,
the access to indoor  
plumbing, the ability to stock up food for the
winter as easy as it is done today, it can be surprising how we managed as a
society to pull through. However, we must come to realize that we are strong,
especially when we work together. Our ability to adapt is the key to endure
triumph or disaster and human beings are very good at adapting to our
environment when we are given the ability to do so through learning good
healthy practices.

    So, through this wintertime it is important
to keep up with healthy practices even if you have some days to celebrate. More
importantly also to make this time to look for the good, to celebrate time with
our loved ones, and to embrace whatever comes with an open mind and forgiving

Have a good rest of your week.  

Dr. Chip