Spring Allergies

            I hope you had a great weekend
despite all the hubbub. At least it’s starting to warm up and look more like
Spring all the time. We have gotten plenty of moisture to bring up the May
flowers and the grass is greening up so will hear those lawnmowers starting
again soon. We’re starting to notice some of our patients developing some Spring
allergies and we have great products to help the liver detox the body so that
these pollens don’t bother. This goes right along with all the other immune
system strengthening that we do, helping the body to detoxify itself so that
the liver can handle any foreign invaders that may show up.

            Of course all you hear on the news
now is about the coronavirus so I’ve included an article from the New England
Journal of medicine that shows the actual statistics and that the coronavirus
may be no more of the problem than the regular flu. The mainstream media loves
to hype up everything to keep you glued to the TV and help their ratings
improve, plus sell more advertising. I’ve been telling all my patients not to
watch the news, or very little of it. These people try to instill fear in us
and fear is in emotion that is hard on the immune system. The worst thing we
can do is sit in front of the tube listening to hype and being afraid eating
crappy food. You’re just asking for trouble than. As weather warms up,
hopefully we can get outside into the fresh air and sunshine and activate that
vitamin D which is essential for immune system function. Vitamin D and vitamin
A are oil soluble vitamins and their precursors come from getting good fats and
oils in the diet, with the ability to digest them, which is a liver function

            At Natural Health, we have ways of
checking the body’s functioning through our Nutrition Response Testing
technique, we have ways of restoring the bodies nerve function to help
coordinate the immune system with good chiropractic adjustments, and ways of
helping to reduce fear and stress with emotional techniques. We all need to
have our bodies working at optimum so we don’t have to worry about all the bugs
out there. We have survived the plague, the Spanish flu, the swine flu, the
bird flu, SARS, Ebola, etc. This is done by having a strong immune system.
People are hoping for a magic pill or vaccine but they don’t work unless you
have a functioning immune system. 

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