Spring Allergies and Your Liver

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
great weekend! So nice to watch the grass growing and greening up and now the
trees are forming their leaves and were getting back to green rather than
brown. It’s a great time to watch nature come back to life and we need to take
the hint. At Natural Health, we’re seeing lots of patience who have been stressed
out these last couple years and not knowing how to help themselves to get
healthy, and that’s what we do. We have seen mainstream media and mainstream
medicine work together to promote this covid virus narrative and then the jab
as the “cure”. That’s not working out very well. We are here at Natural Health
to help patients strengthen their immune system and not be stuck in this
disease management system they call “healthcare”. I hope that you’re able to
find your favorite alternative news media, they are becoming quite a few now,
and are getting real information that you can help yourself with rather than
propaganda from the “legacy” media. We have a list of them if you’re
interested, just let us know.

                This is
the last Monday of April and our health shop will still be talking about Spring
Allergies. We are focusing this week on Headaches and Sinuses and, as always,
should be some great information with practical solutions that you can be a
part of. Again, taking a bunch of over-the-counter or prescription medication
to cover up the symptoms is not actually healthy. It’s important to realize
that most allergies and sinus drainage issues come from a liver that can’t
handle all the garbage in your system and your sinuses are the overflow. At
Natural Health, we work on getting patients livers detoxed and working
correctly so that they can handle dust and pollens that are going to be in our
environment almost all the time. We had a lot of rain this year so you can add
mold to this topic as well.

article that I’m sending along this week is again a reminder of all the great
natural vitamins and foods that help people to be actually healthy. I really
find it amazing that many things in mainstream medicine were looked at Once
upon a time and then never looked at again. An example is saturated fats that
were vilified at one time because of some bigwigs prejudice and the mainstream
medicine group just keeps following it despite all the information and studies
to the contrary. Good fats are great sources of oil soluble vitamins, like
vitamin D, and are important for the diet but the liver must be able to handle them.
Now were back to the discussion in the previous paragraph. This is why at
Natural Health, we use a more holistic approach to helping patients get well rather
than looking at one system and then another system and then another system and
treating them with medications. We want our patients to be actually healthy,
full of energy, and enjoying life until the end. Who wants to spend the last
years of their life in a nursing home suffering from all types of degenerative diseases? 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark