Spring Into Health

Happy April Fool’s Day and welcome back Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone had a good Easter weekend even if you do celebrate it or not. With Easter passed we now settle into springtime and everything that goes with it. Many people think that this also means a time for spring allergies with all the changes in the environment. However, if we dive into it a bit more we can realize that allergies are not due to the environment in total but it also relates to our internal environment and how our body can adapt to whatever is on the outside. 

Did you know that our bodies are made up of around 50 trillion cells? That is not an April Fool’s joke. Your body is amazingly made up of these cells and they are coordinated by certain electrical impulses coming from the main centers such as the brain. Now if everything is balanced and the body is working in harmony, it can function and adapt to different stresses in its environment. However, when unbalanced or not working optimally, things can cause more stress on the body (we call them now allergies) that cause the body to overreact to certain substances in our environment. Much like when someone eats a certain food and they have a reaction to it, this is not due to the food itself but the digestion system not being able to handle it or recognizing it as a substance that could be harmful. So, when you can have healthy digestion, then that food that once was an issue no longer is a “threat” and becomes something our bodies can use as nourishment. So in one state the food or substance can be a “poison” and in another state that food can be nutrition. That is why it is important to help balance our bodies so that it can function like it was meant to. 

In today’s world, it can be difficult to know what to do for our health and well-being. Especially since there is so much information out there and much of it can be contradicting. However, when we can remember how truly amazing and intelligent our body is we can realize that health is the normal state and do what is needed to support it. Have a great week! 

– Dr. Chip