Stay The Course

Welcome back Natural Health Family and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. We were blessed with some great weather over the weekend, even if it was a little warm. This Father’s Day reminded me of this country’s founding fathers and what has transpired over a relatively short period. The courage and perseverance it took of people with a vision has made a great impact on what the world is today. 

It can be difficult to imagine the world roughly 250 years ago as the declaration was signed and this country birthed. Now, I know there are many ways to view the past but I wanted to focus more on the aspects that we can take to help us in our own lives. These people had a dream, a vision, to pioneer something new and create a different world. If you think in terms of your own life you know that doing something new can sometimes be frightening. Part of our brain can be hardwired that way as a means to protect us. However, when we build up the courage and hold onto a vision, we can conquer the obstacles so that what was so scary at first becomes a well-satisfied accomplishment. During the journey, even with our health, it can be easy to be led astray by obstacles, distractions, and things that don’t help us to our destination. We can blame, criticize, or even complain about small things. Of course, it’s not good or bad, but we can get caught up complaining about things that people back then would be so grateful for. When we can catch ourselves, we can start to see all that we can appreciate that we couldn’t see before. 

Although we all can complain from time to time, today I encourage you to see what you can appreciate in your day-to-day lives. Doing something new can create new neural networks which allows our body to be able to adapt better to what life brings.

Have a great week!

-Dr. Chip