Staying Hydrated

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
beautiful weekend and we got more rain. I’m amazed how much things have greened
back up after the dry spell we had. The grass is growing again and the corn and
bean crops around the area are doing very well, the way it looks. Looks like
this coming week will be a little hot and dry so make sure and stay hydrated
and don’t forget the electrolyte part of hydration, meaning using sea salt or
mineral salt and if necessary, we have the calcium salt pill called Cal-amo,
that we use a lot of this time of year. Hydration is such a simple thing and is
often forgotten and people end up with symptoms and then they get treatments.
Let’s avoid all that by staying hydrated.

month were talking about Summer Fun in our health shops, and this week the
topic is Summer Fun. As of this writing, I’m not really sure what we’re going
to talk about but it will be about summer and about fun-ha. We try to keep our
health shops light and full of usable information and not get too deep into
physiology and biology, although that does happen at times to explain why
things work a certain way. We started doing our health shops online because of
the covid shenanigans and we really enjoy doing them. We get good feedback on
them so please pass the word along that these are available for people to view
at 6:15 live on Instagram and Facebook Monday nights and then we will post them
to and YouTube later. Just a way to get good honest information
about health and what you can do to help yourself enjoy life better.

article that I’m sending along today looks at how Pfizer has made millions on
this Covid plandemic and how our wasteful government has trashed millions of
the jabs, and how this company is now embedded into the decision-making part of
our government health agencies. Oh, and I forgot, they have complete liability
protection so they can make anything they want that can cause health issues and
not get blamed for it. It’s an amazing moneymaking scheme and we need to hold
our elected officials to the fire on this one. I’m not saying that all vaccines
are bad or there is no need for them but this has gotten way out of hand. Of
course, at Natural Health, we are is looking at getting the body healthy and
keeping the immune system strong so that you don’t have to worry about all
these treatments that may or may not work and that may or may not cause harm.
This RNA jab has been one big experiment and from the news reports I’m seeing,
it surely isn’t going very well. 

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