Staying Hydrated

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
busy weekend! The weather has gotten very nice and people are out doing all
kinds of things. I had planned a party on Saturday for a group of friends and
not many attended because it seemed like many activities fell on the same
weekend. That’s just the way it goes during the summer months with church
picnics and reunions and food fairs and all kinds of activities. Two things
I’ve noticed on the health aspect of this. The first is watching your
hydration, making sure you’re getting plenty of water and electrolytes, or just
see salt and mineral salt. Both parts are important to hydrate the body. We use
a lot of our product called CAL-AMO during the summer months to keep people
from feeling very weak and wore out, and to prevent muscle spasms and leg cramps.
The second thing I’ve noticed, especially with the dry weather so far, is all
the dust and pollen floating around in the air. We have great products to help
the body clean drain the lymphatic’s and help with allergy symptoms. Many
people are having problems with eyes watering and gunk and dirt in the eyes,
and we have products to help protect the eyes from infection and help them to
be able to clean themselves out. This comes back to the first point of keeping
yourself hydrated so the body has the fluids to clean itself.

                We have
changed our Health Shops and Patient Education Workshop schedules so that we will
have a Patient Education Workshop on the first Monday of the month and then the
question-and-answer Health Shop on the second Monday and a regular topic Health
Shop on the fourth Monday. Call the office if you need more information on
these events as were trying to get the word out to as many people who want to
be healthy. After 40 some years of practice, we have lots of great information
on how to prevent problems with health and well-being. I’m getting so many
questions on how to get off of medications and how to feel good and energetic
in life, and not just control symptoms and keep blood test numbers in a certain
parameter. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

article to them sending along this week looks at an old topic that we’ve talked
about many many times but it’s still important to review as our society is so
built on having sugary things for all celebrations and events. Even after
church, it seems to be the rule to have coffee and doughnuts which is a
terrible way to start the day and be able to act in a Christian manner when
you’re all jacked up on caffeine and sugar. At Natural Health, we help our
patients to understand what the problem is with sugars and help them to get
their sweet tooth under control. It’s important to realize that having a little
sugar from time to time is okay but unfortunately, we get into a lot of it
every day as you’ll find out in the article and the documentary that goes with
it. Something folks may not realize is that the biggest problem with refined
sugar is that there’s no nutrition in it at all, and the body must rob its
reserves to utilize the sugar for energy, which it will. This is why
degenerative diseases are so rampant in this country, and the fact that
medication to treat symptoms is not nutrition, so no long-term healing, only
more treatment. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark