Stomachache, a common discomfort experienced by many, can arise from various causes, such as indigestion, gastritis, stress, or more serious conditions like ulcers or gastrointestinal diseases.

Nutrition Response Testing can be particularly beneficial in identifying foods or nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to stomach discomfort. It offers a tailored approach where adjustments to the diet can be made to avoid potential irritants, like gluten or lactose, and to incorporate soothing, gut-friendly foods rich in fiber, probiotics, and nutrients to promote digestive health.


Chiropractic care, while not a direct treatment for internal conditions like stomachaches, may help in a supportive role. The spine’s health is intricately connected to the overall nervous system, which controls the gastrointestinal tract among other systems. Chiropractic adjustments aimed at improving spinal alignment and function could potentially improve nervous system regulation, which in turn may positively impact digestive function and reduce instances of stomachaches.

For chronic or severe stomach pain, it is critical to consult healthcare professionals to rule out any serious conditions and to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan. Integrating nutritional and chiropractic care should be done under professional guidance to complement other medical treatments.