Strong Heart

Hey Hey Hey!! This blog I took a different approach, I hope you enjoy it. 

There is such a powerful connection between the emotion of love and the heart. It’s great seeing that people are waking up to the fact that emotions can affect their health. We use many different emotions during the day and the majority of the time we are unconscious of them. Meaning that we could be wearing a full costume of negative emotions and when we look into a mirror, we simply just see our body. These negative emotions that we have in our minds can be reflected as disease in the body. This doesn’t happen overnight, the majority of them happen over years time. This is called chronic disease. So let’s use this analogy to talk about how love can transform your health and life. 

When we were kids it felt like there wasn’t a worry in the world. We didn’t fear anything until we were told not to do that. Free. Loving. Enjoyed everything in front of us. Always present. Never thinking about what was done yesterday or thinking about what needs to be done for tomorrow. It’s amazing seeing kids live their lives. Between the age of 0 and 7 of us being free, we were in the process of creating our costume for after the age of 7. Our environment from our living situation to how we were treated by our elders made the patterns and stitching of that costume. Many of us even experience very traumatic events that instantly slapped on a back brace or bandage to add to the costume’s image. No one to blame as no one intentionally tries to cause harm to others. Maybe they do. But keep in mind, they were also that loving kid playing in the front yard before they became that person that indulges in those chaotic actions. 

So we grew up and now we are around the age of 8-12. The costume comes on and our personality changes. That birthday suit kid is now behind a mask and costume. Some have more of a costume than others. And that’s okay. We now express that emotion of love through the filters of hate, fear, worry, anger, criticism, jealousy and/or that we were exposed to in our environment. Like a dry sponge getting placed into a bucket of water. This is where the mind comes in. The mind “holds” this negativity that will be what we express to those around us and most importantly to ourselves. We are big boys and girls now. We have to learn with the costume that we have on. Time goes by and the negativity continues to catch wind. Not only is it affecting us mentally/emotionally, our body starts reflecting what we have in our mind. 

Chronically, this costume is weighing down that kid and it’s creating us to look only at the negativity in life. It feels like hell compared to how we were living life when we were a kid. We look in the mirror and see that the costume that was made of these chronic stitching’s, patterns, braces and bandages is now in the form of disease we have in the body and mind. We hate the person we see in the mirror because we feel hopeless that we can’t do anything about it. But deep deep down inside that kid has been right there continuing to be playful, joyful, and loving through this whole time living with this costume. It is never too late to let the kid shine bright in all areas of your life. 

This love that the inner kid has is powerful. It is a superpower that can shine bright through any costume, any mask, any bandage, stitching, pattern, bandage, any disease that has been worn on the body. This kid that has been in there the whole time has the strongest heart. That can use the power of love to lift any negativity away. Even the disease that may be in the heart. Love is the ultimate superpower you innately had within you every step of the way. It is now time to use that superpower to be expressed to the environment just like how you did when you were a kid. Just like the love that you had for yourself before you were given the costume, mask and so on. 

My personal story of using this superpower had many bumpy roads. I am here to tell you how to get on that straight, scenic, relaxing path. Through my journey, I overlooked a fundamental piece. Self Love. If you want to make ever lasting changes in your life, I highly recommend starting by loving every little bit about yourself. Do not stop until you feel like that same kid, but using big kid toys that you have in your life right now. I’m not saying you have to scream at the top of your lungs and run around in circles. I’m talking about being able to be in a conversation with someone and not judge them for their past, even better, look in the mirror and do the same. BE the kid that loves their job and their family. BE the kid that wants to start another day to have fun. BE the kid that you would want future kids to BE like. Remember, they are absorbing everything in their environment. I’m looking forward to the day when we all get back to the kid-like state with our big kid toys and life. Just think if everyone in your family loved being around each other having fun with whatever is around. Just think if everyone at your job all worked together and were nice to each other. Your co-workers are wearing the mask from when they were a kid. Everyone is in this together. Just think about you living your best life. Loving, caring and appreciating every bit of life that you are given. Best thing about it, research is now finding out that those emotions are what will create you to have a strong heart also. 

Much love my SuperHero kid-like friends,

Coach Ed