Strong Immune Systems


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that everyone out there had a
great Thanksgiving weekend and was able to catch up with relatives and friends,
even on zoom or facetime if you had to. It sure is strange times and were
beginning to see more and more what the purpose are behind these policies. We
had a great time over the weekend eating good food and catching up on the
“news”. We’re trying to get our Christmas get-togethers planned out and hoping
to keep them almost “normal”. Many people are talking about this virus business
and how the testing has everybody positive. The point that I want to make is
that viruses being viruses, each person will have to deal with it eventually
sometime. With this being the case, it’s important to get your immune system
working correctly so that one you get exposed to this virus or that virus and
your body handles it correctly and easily with few symptoms. It looks to me
like by the time they get a vaccine developed, to make big money by the way,
everyone will have already been exposed to it and not need a vaccine. This is at
least apparent if you believe that the testing is accurate?

            The article that I’m sending along
today looks at the public health department’s use of “fear appeal” and
confusion to control the masses, at least the ones who are not informed on the
facts. If you want to learn the truth, you can’t waste your time with the
mainstream media, you will have to search it out in independent sources. is a great place for information but there are others. I
implore you to not just sit at home watching the tube but use your computer to
find real news and make your own decisions. Our goal at Natural Health is to
keep our patients informed as to the truth of how to keep their immune system
strong and not be fearful of bugs. I am very thankful that none of my patients
who are taking nutrition are having much problem with this virus. People are
having symptoms but they are not real severe, and that’s how it needs to work.
Every “body” will have to go through contact with this virus at some time, so
again, tell your friends and families to get their immune system strengthened
so it’s no big deal. The people that are dying have other comorbidities and we
can help with those too at Natural Health. 

Patient Testimony: 

Before: Sudden onset of lower back pain in 2016. Only relief
was felt if I did not move. I tried physical therapy, medication, pain
management and epidural injections.  Over
the years I did feel some relief.

However, I was only comfortable standing for short periods
of time. I could not exercise, interact freely with my grandkids, or do many
daily activities around my house.

Now: I felt very different after my first treatment. I was
relaxed and slept peacefully after my first treatment. I have been able to walk
30 minutes daily with no pain. I can stay on my feet as long as I want without
seeking relief from back tightness. I feel great. I have loads of energy. Best
of all, I am spending lots of time with grandkids without them asking me “Are
you ok?” – M.E.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark