Struggle Can Be Healthy

 Good day Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone had a good weekend and got outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Over the weekend I was able to go back to the college where I learned chiropractic and got to see things from a different perspective. One important aspect was how kids learn how to roll, crawl, walk and move around. Let’s talk about the power of our body and how it is able to adapt to the environment in many ways.

When kids grow up they have to learn many different aspects of life. From an infant to a toddler to a kid to a young adult and then adulthood everyone experiences many challenges. Starting as infants, kids must learn how to navigate so they can explore and learn new things. The first skill they must go through is their ability to move. From crawling to running they must work their muscles to move through the environment. Oftentimes we feel we must help kids and aid them in many activities they perform. From infants to toddlers it could be crawling and walking. As toddlers to young kids it is other skills like throwing and catching a ball. So going back to the younger stages of learning to roll, crawl, and walk kids will struggle trying to figure out how they can do it. When they do it on their own they start to learn how their body works and what muscles to engage to perform the skill they want to. Their struggling and failing through the process is what actually is conditioning their bodies to move in a natural way. Just like building any muscle, it needs resistance and persistent effort to get stronger and more resilient. Growing up, kids do struggle and that is actually a way for them to learn for themselves how to move their bodies properly. Struggling, seen as something that is needed for proper growth and development, helps us to see how intelligent the body is and what it is capable of. 

From childhood to teenage years and on we start to learn different things that are valuable to our adaptation and how we can further navigate the world. As kids we learn with some struggle how our body moves. As teenagers to adulthood, we start to learn how we learn in other ways by increasing our knowledge base in various subjects. Whether in school, sports, business, and so on we learn more about what it takes to live in the world. We start to learn what we like and don’t like based on our experiences. Applying ourselves in different areas of life we find our way and what we would like to keep doing in the future. We go through different struggles realizing that the struggle is needed to not only appreciate what we can do but also prepare us for increased challenges in the future. Many times as we get to adulthood we start to develop resilience and realize that the world tends to work out if we can persevere. We realize that our struggles helped us become aware of what we are capable of and our attitudes about it can make all the difference.

Struggling sometimes can be more than unpleasant. However, imagine what all your body is doing to keep you alive. All the germs, bacteria, viruses and various things it has to defend on a daily basis to keep us living. All the process it is doing, digesting foods, circulating blood, coordinating all the cells, etc. Our bodies are amazing at what they can do when they are balanced. Our attitudes about our lives and struggles we go through can help keep us more balanced as well. Embracing the struggle we are able to see that it can be good for us and perhaps ready us for future experiences.

Life can bring trials and challenges our way at times. Therefore, we can practice our patience realizing that it can help bring something that we want or need in our lives. I hope that if you are struggling with anything that you find the lesson and persevere to something greater.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Chip