Sugar, Sugar, and More Sugar

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our weather is holding on and thankfully we haven’t had a lot of snow and other
bad weather conditions. It’s great that were able to get outside still and
finish up some of our fall activities and chores to get ready for winter. I
know that people are getting antsy hoping for some snow for Christmas, but
don’t worry, we’ll get our fair share here in the Midwest. Also noticing a lot
of people with coughs and colds, probably a side effect of Thanksgiving, but
just know that we have great nutritional supplements here to feed the body what
it needs to strengthen the immune system and get over those sicknesses.

month in our health shops, were talking about sugar and what goes on with it.
This week were talking about the hidden dangers of sugar and why people should
avoid it. I know that were coming into the holiday season and everybody likes
to make their cookies and candies and all that business, but how about just
trying one piece and not making yourself sick on it? Just a thought because all
that refined sugar lowers the immune system’s ability to handle the
environment. At Natural Health, we don’t want you to start out with a sickness
in the New Year. It’s a common sense thing that if you’re eating refined foods
that have had the nutrition taken out of them, you would need nutritional
supplements to offset the damage of these foods. We use whole food nutrition
here at Natural Health, not synthetic vitamins in a high potency form that are
more like medication than food. You are what you eat, and absorb.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at grape skin powder being
better than suntan lotion. The point I like to make with this is that there are
much better things in nature to help the body be healthy rather than using
chemical things to block the sun. Human beings have been in the sunshine for
thousands and thousands of years and there is no sunscreen then. Were back to
the discussion in the previous paragraph that it’s our bodies that are not
healthy and can’t handle the sun, not that the sun has changed. We find that if
we just use coconut oil before going out in the sun and afterwards, we get a
good tan and the skin stays healthy. Of course, were also eating well and
making sure that the skin is getting the proper nutrition it needs to be
healthy. Sunscreens also stop the body’s ability to activate the vitamin D
precursors in the skin and that’s hard on the immune system as well. Sometimes
you have to think out of the box, meaning don’t pay attention to mainstream
media or the marketing that goes along with it. 

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Live Well

Dr. Mark

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