Sugars and Diabetes Connection

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great Labor Day weekend and were able to relax a bit. I talked
to several patients this morning and their complaint was the weekend was too
busy, as most weekends are. The weather sure was nice even though it was a
little hot, but we know this won’t continue and the temperatures will start
going down a bit. Hopefully we will have a nice long fall that stays somewhat
warm but we will see. I had an uncle that used to work at a LP gas company.
They had watched the temperatures over the years and they average out. So, if
you have a really hot summer, you would normally have a cold winter. But if the
summer was more moderate, you have a more moderate winter. With the busy
weekend and some of the beverages people consumed, don’t forget to stay
hydrated and that means good quality water and electrolytes which are basically
sea salt or mineral salt. We are still using a lot of our product called
Cal-Amo that helps people with muscle spasms and leg cramps and that tired
feeling of being wore out after being outside.

health shops are going well and I’m looking forward to next Monday. This month
were talking about the major degenerative diseases that plague our country and
next Monday we will talk about Diabetes. I was talking to someone else over the
weekend who had made a dessert for the cookout 
she was headed to and she told me that she doesn’t eat the desserts but
others do a lot. I explained that I wish people would understand the connection
between eating a lot of refined sugars and carbohydrates and how that wears out
the pancreas over time, which can then be diagnosed as Diabetes because of the
lack of insulin being produced. Not only is the refined sugar something the
body has never had before its invention, but the refining process takes out all
the minerals and fiber and other nutrients that are normally in foods that
contain some sugars. It’s not that the sugar itself is particularly bad, it’s
just that the process of refining it and making everything so sweet, and
addictive by the way, that the body can just not handle all that sugar.
Something to think about.

article that I’m sending along today looks at the difference between animal
protein sources and plant protein sources. Of course, our bodies do better with
animal sources of proteins because our bodies are an animal or mammal being.
People think that whatever they buy and put in their mouth automatically goes
to where it is supposed to. And people that had a good digestive system, that
may be true but most don’t. This is especially true for folks after age 35 to
40 when their ability to produce the correct stomach acid starts to wane. All
those folks out there that are on proton pump inhibitors and taking ant- acids
like candy, and there are a lot of them, will age a lot faster as are not
absorbing the food nutrition that they’re eating. Their symptoms of acid reflux
might be better, but at what cost. It’s so important to look at the cause of
the condition rather than just treat symptoms. Symptoms are like the red light
on the dashboard of your car, the body is asking for help. But if you’re just
putting black tape over it, like taking medication, the car eventually will
stop running. I just feel that people rely on doctors too much and don’t think
about how the body works. This is what we specialize in here at Natural Health,
looking at underlying causes of problems and getting the body to work correctly
so that it can heal itself, as it has done for thousands of years. 

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Dr. Mark