Summer Fun Time


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. We had a wedding to
attend and it was hot but everything turned out well and we made it back home
in one piece. I also hope that you got to see some fireworks and they weren’t
too loud but enjoyable. It’s hard to believe that half of the year is already
gone and it’s been a weird one. People seem to be getting more stressed out
about inflation and gas prices. This is another great reason to stay as healthy
as you can to be able to handle the stresses that are upon us. We’re getting
many patients coming in that are just not feeling well for some reason and we
can figure that reason out here at Natural Health.

we’ve entered a new month, our theme has changed to that of Summer Fun in our
health shops. We didn’t have one last night as it was the fourth but they will
continue throughout the month on Monday nights at 6:15 on Instagram and
Facebook live. It should be a fun month with lots of great information. Next
week we talk about hydration and breathing, which are important topics for this
time of year.

article that I’m including looks at the importance of knowing about the
electromagnetic frequency pollution that we get with the use of cell phones and
computers and so on. And by itself is not that bad, but combined with toxins in
the environment and chemicals and so on, becomes a big reason for why people
don’t feel well or develop degenerative diseases. Healthcare is really not that
difficult to figure out but the difficulty comes in doing what you need to do
to be healthy. Mainstream medicine does great with treating problems but does
really nothing to help solve or prevent them from becoming big health issues.
At Natural Health, our goal is always to figure out the underlying cause of the
problem and get patients over it so their bodies can heal itself and they can
enjoy life. We get so many patients coming in taking multiple, and sometimes
many multiple, medications that may have been used at one time for a purpose
but now are just adding side effects on top of side effects. We work towards
finding the underlying cause of problems and getting patients to be able to get
off of medications that are usually causing many of their symptoms. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark